Super Brawl is a fantastic RPG that blends classic idle element with innovative style. Customized hero, intense brawls, awesome skills and amazing PVP mode are waiting for you!

Endless invaders came from a strange portal that appeared suddenly in your farm. To regain peace, you must clear grotesque aliens and the giant bosses! Don’t be frightened, plenty of rewards, powerful gears and various skills in this fancy world would help strengthen your power. More gameplay will be beyond your imagination.


* Unique and funny graphic

* Dress your hero with costumes in different styles

* Crazy, intense and dazzling brawls

* Idle mode to brush aliens and earn rewards

* One finger to control strategic move and beat epic bosses

* Various tactics to combine and equip skills for superpower 

* Merge to gain high level gears, skills and pet armies

* Command unique pet armies to fight in PVP mode

* Save NPCs and they will help you become stronger 

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